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  • What payment options do you have?
    We can take a range of payments from weekly direct debits through to one off bulk payments for longer term storage. Get in touch with us to discuss a solution that works for you.
  • Can you store things other than cars?
    Our facility is over 3800 sq ft and has a 12ft roller shutter access so we can accomodate a range of vehicles from VW bugs to london buses. I If you have a specialist vehicle then please get in touch to discuss it with us.
  • Do I have to sign a long term contracts?
    We offer flexible weekly storage for a minimum of 2 weeks with no long term contracts or tie ins. Longer term storage can be arranged and paid for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually with only a 2 week notice period to end the storage.
  • Can I access my vehicle at any time?
    Absolutely. You can come and see your vehicle at any time by making an appointment via the website or messaging us on our WhatsApp account. If you would like to take your vehicle out of storage for a drive or a longer period of time we ask for 24 hours notice, via email, WhatsApp or the contact form on our website.
  • Is my vehicle insured during its stay?
    We have full liability insurance to protect your vehicle against any accidents or damage whilst it is under our protection. This includes flood, fire etc. We also ask you to contact your insurance provider and tell the vehicle is entering storage and give them our storage address as where the car will be kept. This will make sure your car is then insured fully for any eventualities.
  • Will storing my vehicle for a long time affect its engine and paintwork?
    Our storage facility is completely weatherproof and temperature controlled to ensure a suitable environemtn to protect your vehicle for long periods of storage. We also prep all vehicles prior to storage and use tailored indoor covers to help protect even further. We also offer regular maintenance like battery conditioners, run up to temperature and tyre pressure monitors to make sure cars are kept in prime condition. If your vehicle has specialist needs please get in touch as we can cater for run outs & other requests.
  • How do I know my vehicle is safe?
    Our facility is completely unmarked and not visible from any major road. We have a 1km access road that is unmarked and unlisted on major search engines. The entrance is protected by dual security gates as well as fully secured using dual locks. We have 24/7 CCTV and can arrange a CCTV for your vehicle directly to your device to give you complete piece of mind. We also have physical on-site monitoring and unlike other facilities our staff are in the facility every day
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